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LinkedIn Boot Camp

In January we had a special post on LinkedIn and how it can be used on your career journey.  Now we’re sending you to LinkedIn Boot Camp with to learn the essentials of LinkedIn success.


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Anatomy Of A Job Interview

It takes 90 seconds for your interviewer to make an overall assessment of you.”  says blog  They are so confident in their interview advice they put together an informative infographic on the anatomy of a job interview.  It covers the essentials of impressing your future employer.  Visit the My ESC website for more interview tips.

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Anatomy of a Job Interview | Infographic |

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4 Ways A Career Coach Can Help

Much has been written about the art of Coaching and the potential benefits for you and your career. Since Coaching is still considered a new field (20+ years old…), many still wonder what exactly a Coach does and why you would want to work with one. While I don’t believe in throwing out a tidal wave of statistical data – what I will share with you is a list of real results that job seekers tell me they have experienced from working with a career coach (a.k.a. career counsellor or employment counsellor). If you were to sit down with a group of people who have engaged a Coach – this is what they would share over a cup of coffee:

1.  Gain Clarity

Advancing or changing your career and looking for work is stressful stuff. A Career Coach will guide you through the many things that you need to know and do in the current market, particularly when it comes to the specifics of what you should be spending your time on. Career Coaches are also great at dispelling myths attached to any well-meant-yet-potentially-inaccurate advice you may be getting from friends, family and self-help books. The right Career Coach will give you access to critical information, experiences or contacts that you and your network may not have.

2.  A Realistic Action Plan

Everyone likes a list – clear, concise, “get it done by…” kind of lists. An experienced Career Coach will help you create that list, put those items into order of importance/urgency, and give you the most direct route to getting those things done. You will save time, money and worry with a plan that is custom tailored to your personal needs. Their job is to make what feels like the insurmountable – doable.

 3.  Accountability, Support, Perspective

Many of us need to be accountable to something external in order to stay focused and make things happen – a Career Coach can be your North Compass. They will help you hold your focus when you are tired, confused, or frustrated. The perspectives they offer are unbiased, and they won’t be afraid to tell you the straight goods when you need to hear it.

4.  Resources

Career Coaches are very well connected to the latest information, tools, and resources… as well as a whole network of other Career Development Practitioners with more. There is much more available to you than you think! When you work with a Career Coach you are getting the benefit of all that collective experience to get you into the right work, faster.

Ask your network for recommendations on Career Coaches and articulate what you want out of your interaction with one. Check out Career Coaches websites – do you like their style and message? Most Career Coaches will do a free consultation so you can both assess if you’re right for each other. Above all – remember that you are engaging in a relationship with someone whose sole purpose is to give you guidance that will ultimately make you successful. You will remember this as one of the best investments you ever made in yourself. If you are currently unemployed, you may qualify for free career coaching through the Employment Program of BC. Visit a Work BC Centre for more information.

Connie Augustus is a Vancouver based Career Coach and Life Strategist. She loves and having great conversations about Careers over a good cup of French Roast. She invites you to connect with her at