Seasonal Employment Benefits

Typically lots of short-term employment can wreak havoc on your resume, leading employers to believe that you are unreliable, flaky and worse – unemployable.  The truth of the matter is seasonal employment is one of the only acceptable reasons for short-term work. That said, what are the benefits of seasonal employment and how do you use it to make you look good on your resume? Read more…

  1. #1 by Gail Winacott on November 23, 2011 - 5:43 pm

    Just came across a youth friendly (girls will especially love this) web site “”. I checked it out and I love it. It contains a few links too. The more I look at the way our young generation are deciding on careers instead of “just” a job, the I see the value of these youth friendly sites. As time goes on I am very sure we will see a lot more of them.
    Please look at the site and decide if it would be one that could go on myerc.

    I am sure it will have some impact.
    Love MyErc site.

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