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Top 10 Resume Mistakes

Have you ever wondered what the top 10 mistakes people make on their resumes are?  Career Journey, a career coaching company in the UK, has put together this rather humourous (yet, oh so true) infographic of some of the things that go wrong with resumes.


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Canada’s Best Jobs 2012

There are many moments when I feel I have the best job in the world, but how does my job compare to the top jobs in Canada?  Here’s the latest report on the top 10 best jobs and the worst 10 jobs in Canada.  You will also find which jobs have the highest income, best careers that are growing, and much more.  Find the full report from Canadian Business here:–canada-s-best-jobs-2012.

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Job Search Tracker

Ever wondered what is the best job for you?  What about what jobs are available in the BC labour market?  Now you can access the information you need to explore career options, make career decisions, and assess the big picture – all in one place on BC Job Trend Tracker:

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