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Chatting Up Twitter

Have you ever considered tweeting your way to a job?  Twitter is a powerful social media avenue that can be used to do many things.  One that might interest you is the way that recruiters and career development professionals have been using Twitter to connect candidates to job opportunities.  They host Twitter chats where anyone with a Twitter account can participate in an online discussion by using a specific hashtag at a designated time.  Take a look at these 25 Twitter Chats that may help you connect to your next job.

In Canada we have #HireCAN for Canadian career professionals and recruiters.  It takes place on Fridays at 11am Pacific Standard Time.  If you know of any other Canadian Twitter chats that connect candidates to jobs please leave us a comment.


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Thank-You: Handwritten vs. Email

Email vs. Mail Thank-You Notes

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Have you ever received the advice to send a thank-you note to your interviewer within 24 hours of your interview?  It’s what many career coaches have been encouraging people to do for as long as the resume has existed.  Those that follow this tip are more likely to stand out to an employer, and the theory is this will give them an advantage over their competitors, leading to a greater possibility of getting the job.  With the rampant ability to apply online, the debate is: “Should I send my thank-you note as a hand written card in the mail/in person, or by email?”  I just read the best response to this question.  Please read it here: Handwritten vs. Email Thank-You Notes.

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Changes Are Coming

Employment programs are transforming.  All old employment programs in BC operated by Federal funding will be closing their doors at the end of March 2012.  Don’t worry!  All new locations of the Employment Program of BC will open up April 2nd.  Some will be in the same locations as old programs but many will be opening up new locations.  Please check the Work BC website for updates on new program locations.

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