Appropriate Contact Info

What is appropriate?

Is “ seeking a position with your company” impressing any hiring managers?

The first impression you give a potential employer is always the most important one. This includes e-mail, phone, fax and other electronic communications, as well as your resume and cover letter. A wacky email address could get your resume tossed into the garbage instantly. If you have a bizarre voicemail message, like a 5-minute rap song, the employer calling might just hang up.

Some of the email addresses used by people who come to me for help finding jobs are slightly less than professional.  Email addresses like  “flaming_red_eye420 ”, “big_chick_magnet”, and “sexy_long_legs69” do not give me the sense that you will be a reliable, hardworking member of my staff. In fact they let me know you will most likely be focussing on things other than work. I would rather hire someone called  The same holds true for voicemail messages. People calling to arrange an interview do not have 5 minutes to listen to an entire song before leaving a message for you.

So, before you seek employment make sure you have the appropriate tools for a professional and business-like job search. There are a variety of free Web-based email accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail that you can use. Setting up a new email account for job searching is especially important if you have an unsuitable screen name or address.

This article was originally written by Melanie Archer for the BC Workinfonet Youth Site and is reposted here with permission.

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