Don’t Just Get a JOB – Get In The Worx!

ITW postcardThere are in excess of four hundred and fifty publicly-accessible internet job boards where employers can advertise job postings and over four hundred recruiting agencies serving British Columbia each with their own listings for available employment positions. Not accounting for the numerous “internal job boards” that large corporations and organizations have, in addition to hundreds of governmental job boards, there are literally more than a thousand places on the internet that a job seeker can look for a job in this province. Is it any wonder, then, that embarking on a job search is an overwhelming exercise in frustration?

This over-abundance of job boards in its current state of disarray creates a needle-in-a-haystack situation for both job seekers and employers. With over a quarter million unemployed British Columbians and an untold number of people who are working but actively seeking alternative employment, employers are faced with the daunting task of guessing which job board(s) to advertise on to attract the kind of candidates they are looking for, with the hopes that their ideal candidate will inadvertently find their job posting.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if ALL of the jobs, ALL of the employers and ALL of the candidates were able to intersect in ONE PLACE? intends to revolutionize the chaotic online employment industry with its unique, job seeker-centred approach. As job boards are discovered, they are categorized by industry and added to the roster under “specialty job boards”  ( ) which helps to effectively focus a job seeker’s search for employment. There are directories for both recruiting and employment agencies that service British Columbia. Resource sections have been created and tailored to particular demographics: Newcomers to BC, Students & Graduates, Disabled/ Barriered, for example, with expansion and development being a constant process of the website.  Job seekers have the option to register as candidates and construct profiles of their skill sets that employers will be able to search – gone are the days of uploading a resume into cyber-space and risk having it fall into unscrupulous hands. Using personally constructed skill sets are more accurate, thorough and effective than uploading resumes into a databank that relies on exploder technology.

Despite the size and scope of and the plans to continue expanding, we are real human beings who actually answer emails and we encourage requests for information and welcome suggestions / comments. On occasion we will receive an email via the “Contact Us” form from a job seeker who has hit a dead-end in their search and with a little research from the employment team, we have been successful with locating specific resources and leads for these people (for free, I might add). has been added to the repertoire of resources utilized by employment agencies in the public sector (federal, provincial and municipal), university student employment centres, as well as independent job seekers looking for available opportunities. In the first month after launching the website, saw almost 1000 “hits” in a four week period (February 2013) which undoubtedly substantiated the need for this service.

No matter how evolves to meet the needs of the employment industry, it will never be to the exclusion of the job seekers – we will always be an independent, Canadian enterprise working for the employment success of other Canadians.

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