What Not To Wear To Work

Miranda Vande KuytEver wonder why some people seem to get ahead without working as hard as you?  Ever heard the statement, “dress for the part you want”?   Looking like you are successful is the first step to being successful.  I always marvel at how a good makeover can change a person’s life.  Whenever I watch a makeover show I get excited to see the transformation that happens inside a person’s heart and soul when they feel good about the way they look on the outside.  A few years ago I won a makeover contest that included a trip to Toronto, $1200 shopping spree, day at the salon, and photo shoot in Canadian Living magazine.  It started a whole new chapter for me.  You can also start your own life transformation now.  It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, with a little research about the basic pieces you need to build a wardrobe you can find most of it on sale or at thrift shop for very reasonable prices. Visit this infographic to find out how to dress the part for success and build a work wardrobe that will change your life:  http://dailyinfographic.com/work-wardrobe-infographic.

This article was written by Miranda Vande Kuyt a self-employed career development practitioner and communications consultant.

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