Tips For Skype Interviews

Healthy workplaceI’ve moved across the country a few times.  This has required me to do numerous telephone interviews and on occasion fly out to do a face-to-face interview.  But, times have changed.  The world is rapidly getting smaller due to video calling.  Now you can forgo the telephone and flight and start with an interview via Skype.  In the past year Skype has allowed me to connect with people from Italy, Poland, California, and Brazil!  Here are my tips for preparing for a video calling interview, whether it be through Skype or another platform.

Prepare for a video call the same as you would for a regular interview: do your employer research, prepare answers to common and expected questions, and dress for success.  Next if you’re not experienced with the particular tool you will be using then get familiar with it.  Set up a professional looking profile with short bio, headshot, and username.  Test it out with a friend to see how it works.  You can even try conducting a mock interview to test out your answers, make sure the location you’ve chosen has good lighting (you’re not a silhouette), you have a strong internet connection, clear sound (if not you could try a good headset), and non-distracting background.

Unfortunately, video calling is notorious for not working when you want it to.  Doing a test call before your big interview can help to make sure the platform is working as it should.  Be sure to have a back up platform set up and contact numbers to get in touch with your interviewer if things don’t work as planned.  Also don’t be afraid to let them know if this is your first time using the platform.  They might be a little more gracious to you as you learn; however, do your best to get familiar with it before the big day.

This article was written by Miranda Vande Kuyt a self-employed career development practitioner and communications consultant.

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