How NOT To Get A Job!

  1. call waitingDon’t hand out any resumes
  2. Only apply to jobs online
  3. Wait for a job to find you

Really?  Seriously? Come on now? Did you really think this strategy would work?  Has it been weeks or months and you’re still saying, “I can’t find a job?”  It’s time to wake up and get real with your self.  Finding a job takes work and it isn’t going to land in your lap without any effort.

The real first step is to make a plan of how you’re really going to land a job.  If you’re clueless on how to make a plan, then get yourself to a WorkBC office where a trained professional will help you strategize.  The service is free and there are many locations across BC.

If you can’t access a center then consider these simple steps:

  1. Create a resume that is targeted to a particular job you would enjoy.  Visit our site for ideas or your local library.
  2. Look for job postings and ask around for openings in your area.
  3. Create a customized cover letter addressed to the job postings you are interested in.
  4. Submit your resume and cover letter to the company in the manner they specify, online or in person.
  5. Follow up with companies you’ve applied with a phone call.
  6. Prepare for your interviews.

For more help on launching an effective job search visit our website at or

This article was written by Miranda Vande Kuyt a self-employed career development practitioner and communications consultant.

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