7 Ways Employers Are Addressing Workplace Health

What does workplace health mean? A healthy workplace focuses on healthy lifestyles, occupational health and safety, and organized culture. This is an environment where you, the individual employee, and the organization share a responsibility for improving your health and work/life balance. The whole notion of workplace health and wellbeing has evolved tremendously over the last few years. Employers are noticing major results from providing a healthy workplace for their employees, including improved staff morale and increased productivity. This ultimately leads to increased profitability and long-term success for the company and their employees.Wondering how this might apply to you as a job seeker? You will want to consider if a prospective employer provides some form of workplace health. Here are a few of the ways employers are implementing healthier workplaces for their employees:

1.  Lunch and Coffee Breaks – Most employers are making sure that employees take proper breaks throughout the workday. Some employers have extended lunch breaks to be an hour long, and have provided lunch rooms that are relaxing by adding couches and other items such as televisions and even table tennis games.
2.  Employee Recognition – There are many different ways an employer can show recognition to their staff members. Some ways are providing a free lunch day or giving out gift certificates.
3.  Staff training – Many employers are looking now within their own companies, before posting job openings externally. They are willing to help pay for the training needed for staff to move into a new role.
4.  Staff Interaction – This can range from the Managers/CEO’s coming down and taking the time to talk with employees on areas not related to work, i.e. last nights hockey game, or what the employee is doing outside of work. Also many employers are encouraging staff to take a few minutes and engage in “on the floor” chat. No longer is it frowned on to stop and talk with your co-worker about their weekend.
5.  Exercise Programs – This can lead to an employer building a gym at the work place, providing gym memberships, or getting the staff to organize a walking club.
6.  Childcare – Many employers are opening up childcare facilities at the work place. Here employees can pop in and check on how their children are doing through out the day.
7.  Personal Days – Employers have realized that at times things come up in an employee’s life, which need to be taken care of during the workday. Now, instead of the employee using a sick or vacation day, they can use a personal day.

Now when you are out there researching potential employers you’d like to work for, make sure to also research on what each company has in place to increase workplace health among it’s employees.

This article was written by Tanya Foulds. It was originally written for the BC Workinfonet Youth Site and it is reposted here with permission.

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