The Hybrid Resume is like Dating “The One”

The hybrid resume is like dating “The One.” Do you believe in love at first sight? Remember the first time you met “The One?” In the first 10-15 seconds, you may have had a physiological reaction and seen your future flash before you. You start sentences, s/he finishes them; you stare just a little too long; you both like jazz; and s/he takes you on romantic excursions: stargazing, dancing in the street, on a carriage ride in New York City, and to an aquarium after hours where tropical fish serenade you. S/he is everything you are seeking; s/he was made for you!

An employer is going to take no more than 10-15 seconds to browse your resume to identify whether or not you may be “The One” for the position; therefore, you have 10-15 seconds to serenade the attention of your employer of choice. The hybrid resume (aka the chronological resume) is tailored to the employer; it is made specifically for one company; it is to be a match made in heaven. In your documentation you are going to tell the employer everything they ever dreamed in finding an ideal applicant including your relevant skills, achievements, and dates of your employment history. The nice thing about a hybrid resume is that it harmonizes relevant skills, achievements, and history, just like “The One” blends friendship with fervor.

Just about anyone can use a hybrid resume in their job search: older workers, career changers, individuals with a solid work history, students, and entry-level job seekers. Here is the disadvantage however: If you are a job-hopper or have gaps in your employment history, the hybrid resume will highlight these unfavourable circumstances and you may want to consider a functional resume instead. The key to identifying whether or not to employ a hybrid resume in your job search is to ask yourself, “Do I have at least 80% of the qualifications required for the job and company I am targeting?”, and “Do I have dates to incorporate in my documentation?”. If you answered yes to both of these questions, I encourage you to utilize a hybrid resume in your job search. If done correctly, the employer will quickly determine that you may be “The One.”

Happy Job Shopping!

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This post was written by Neely Hazell, a career development practitioner and the face behind

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