The Chronological Resume is like a Date with an Old Friend

The chronological resume is like going on a date with a long-time friend who is traditional by nature. This is the individual whose history and secrets you know well; they are familiar to you and comfortable to be around. You’ve participated in his/her life journey and watched the progression. This individual is transparent and most of your questions have already been answered.

The chronological resume is traditional and familiar to hiring managers.  Most prefer this format. It is the chronological format most job seekers employ and the format most hiring managers are conditioned to read. The chronological resume typically includes concrete content such as dates of employment, education, achievements, and professional development listed in reverse chronological order (meaning latest to earliest).

The chronological resume is employed if the job seeker has a steady, consistent, and progressive work history as it demonstrates growth in an industry. If you have had a variety of jobs in a short period of time, perhaps a functional or hybrid resume ought to be considered due to an anticipated employer’s perception of disloyalty or boredom.

A chronological resume is typically safe just like continuing with the relationship of your long-time friend. If you are seeking a relationship, ahem, resume that is even more comprehensive and offers everything desired, check out my next blog post on “The One.”

An example of a chronological resume can be found here:

For further information on the functional resume, check out my previous blog post:

For further information on hybrid resumes, check out this post:

This post was written by Neely Hazell, a career development practitioner and the face behind

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